Davenport Party Bus: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I smoke on Davenport Party Bus?
A: We always do our best to accommodate customer requests, but smoking is one request that Davenport Party Bus will not be able to accommodate. Please respect the other riders on your bus and future buses by not lighting up.

Q: I really don't know how long my event will last, will that cause problems? In most cases, no. At times, Davenport Party Bus may have another booking shortly after your event but we do our best to pad scheduling so that we never have to cut your trip short. There is no penalty for running additional hours, we simply charge you at our standard overage rates. We want you to have a night to remember, you don't need to be worrying about making schedule!

Q: Is drinking allowed on the Davenport Party Bus?
A: We never encourage over drinking but it can't be a party bus without a party! Feel free to bring coolers stocked with your favorite beverages. Take advantage of our complementary cups and beautiful countertops to create your own mixers or keep it simple with beer and wine coolers. Please remember to take all carry-ons home with you at the end of the evening, we cannot be responsible for any drinks left behind.

Q: What areas does Davenport Party Bus service?
A: Davenport Party Bus aims to meet all party bus needs of Eastern Iowa, and as such, we have an extensive service area. Please visit our service area page for a complete list of frequently visited places. If your destination is not listed on our service area page, please call us at 563-484-4049, we will do our best to accommodate your party bus needs.

Q: Does Davenport Party Bus have any promotional deals with local clubs or restaurants?
Davenport Party Bus does not currently have any promotional deals or specials lined up with any local clubs or restaurants but we highly recommend that you call any destination club in advance and let them know that you will be bringing in a large party of people that love to have fun. Clubs and restaurants love your business and will typically do what they can to provide you with extra perks. Drink specials, free appetizers and discounted admission are not unheard of. Remember, it never hurts to ask!